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Welcome to The Real Blended Family


Welcome to the chaos of our blended family. My Partner and I have 5 children between us and we have lots of different hobbies and interests. Our biggest love is being creative. We have a big variety of health conditions which we will talk about to help raise awareness and hopefully help others in similar situations. These range from cognitive and mental health conditions to stoma bags and bowel disease. I promise I won’t overshare anything that might offend. But I think it is important to make others feel like they are not alone. I have had some pretty rare things happen to me over the years.  I could never find anyone with similar experiences. So I am looking forward to sharing some of those experiences with you all.

We are working on a new illustration for our header image so I can’t wait to get that on the blog to show you.


We are huge fans of Lego and probably have way too much of it but we will also be sharing our creations with you. It’s a toy that has been with me since my childhood. I still enjoy sitting on the floor and sorting through to build something new with the kids. It has entertained us on many rainy days and we never get bored of it. I think I am a little more obsessed over the Starwars Lego than anyone else as they are the only ones that I want to keep built. I would never glue them together though. Thats just too extreme!



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    1. Lol. Thats me with the lego head, they have no hope do they? ha ha. I think we bought it from Costco last year. If I can find a link I will send it to you

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