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What is Normal?

The world is such a diverse place. I know from experience that having a large family can bring unwanted comments and questions from people who might have contradicting views and opinions about larger families. If only I had a quid for every time I have heard someone say something about having a tv in the bedroom. I would be rich! Then there is “You’re not having any more are you?” Actually whether I do or not is my business and I actually like having a big family. I guess people that choose not to have any children or can’t for whatever reason also get unwanted comments and opinions too.

My point is that you should do what makes you happy in life. Children don’t fix bad situations and I don’t agree with bringing a child into the world if you can’t look after it. After all they don’t ask to be born. I don’t want to cause arguements as it is a subject we could discuss for ages and still have people that don’t agree. Things happen in life and we deal with them the best way we think at the time.

My journey has led me to where I am and I trust my journey is the one I am meant to have. Everything happens for a reason. Even the rubbish stuff. I love my children unconditionally and will always be there for them. No matter what.

Join in

I want to break down the stigma and get to know other big families who blog. So I am going to introduce a new blog series called Large Family Love. We will be linking up with other blogs every week to find out more about them. How they stay organised, what they love and hate about having a big family. And of course anything else they have to say about having a large family. If you are interested in joining in please send an email to


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2 thoughts on “Large Family Love

  1. I haven’t got a huge family but do have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, I love the support and friendship a larger family gives. I have 3 kids myself and always wanted 6… if my body would allow I would love to those other 3 but it just isn’t too be!

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